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Web Uploading

Posted: 9th August 2010 by davy in C#, Development

I wrote a PHP based application allow users to add documents to a web application.  One of the many great things about PHP is that it has an industrial strength document/content transfer module which makes it great for being able to upload information. I also used ABCUpload.NET– an excellent module from these guys.   Very […]

CMS eMail Integration

Posted: 9th August 2010 by davy in C#, Development

A while back a client company I was working for asked me about saving eMails in their CMS system.  MS Exchange is pretty much a CMS in its own right.  If you want to put emails into a CMS then you need some kind of linkage.  Problem is of course email is a backbone of […]

Documentum and C#

Posted: 9th May 2010 by davy in C#, Documentum

This particular development was a pilot project to show how good Mono is.   I was working for a large pharma and Documentum was the key middleware CMS.  The existing application they had was written in VB – Documentum is mostly Java orientated and the company wanted to stick with .NET as a client platform. […]

Scanner Interface

Posted: 9th April 2010 by davy in C#, Development

Scanning is always interesting – just getting from Paper to PDF is a real challenge – especially if you want some intelligent information on your PDF. I’ve been working with scanners for over 20 years now – from B5 to A0.   One of the first major projects I did was to write some automation […]