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For years I’ve thought that Documentum is a great middleware application and I know it well. But in recent years its all got very complicated – for good reasons I should add!. WebTop is a very sophisticated product – more of a platform in itsself – making it difficult to deliver small effective applications or make small […]

Java Application – Social Care

Posted: 8th August 2010 by davy in Development, Documentum, Java

I designed and wrote a Java application for a UK government client.  I did all of the initial business analysis and design – produced design specifications. I used Eclipse for this project.  A complex Java application I also did some integration with an Social Care application – CareFirst.  CareFirst is a complex applications that manages social work cases.   […]


Posted: 7th August 2010 by davy in Development, Documentum

I wrote this in native Ansi C.  Mostly because its a server application designed to run on a ‘Nix platform.  dmshell was designed to allow Documentum API to be accessed from a Korn, C or Bash shell script.  I was developing  a monitoring solution for Documentum using Big Brother ( When it was Open Source – […]

Integration with Biometric Engine

Posted: 7th August 2010 by davy in Development, Documentum

I designed and wrote an adapter for the Daon Biometrics Engine This was based on MS C++ – I did the prototype in VB so that the business could see how it would work.  The C++ version was the final production version.  I did a case study on it so you can read that here    Send article as […]

CRM Integration with Documentum

Posted: 7th August 2010 by davy in Development, Documentum

I did this a while ago – but its still relevant I think.  I was working for France Telecom and implementing Documentum as a CRM integration.  The client was going to implement Siebel but the costs was high so we used Documentum – already in place – to manage the workflow of incoming requests.  A request could be a […]

Documentum and C#

Posted: 9th May 2010 by davy in C#, Documentum

This particular development was a pilot project to show how good Mono is.   I was working for a large pharma and Documentum was the key middleware CMS.  The existing application they had was written in VB – Documentum is mostly Java orientated and the company wanted to stick with .NET as a client platform. […]