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Android – Electronics App

Posted: 7th September 2010 by davy in Android, Development

My life with Android – just completed this small app which calculates the value of a resistor.  I wanted something simple that works quickly.  I am working on an add on to do blob detection and recognise the value from a photo taken by the Hero’s excellent camera.    Send article as PDF   

For years I’ve thought that Documentum is a great middleware application and I know it well. But in recent years its all got very complicated – for good reasons I should add!. WebTop is a very sophisticated product – more of a platform in itsself – making it difficult to deliver small effective applications or make small […]

iText based viewer in WebTop

Posted: 9th August 2010 by davy in Development, Java

I wanted to be able to add a watermark to a PDF file thats stored in Documentum.  I wanted to make sure the PDF had a date and time mark to show when it was printed or viewed.  You can always add a watermark during the rendition but when you get the PDF file out […]

Web Uploading

Posted: 9th August 2010 by davy in C#, Development

I wrote a PHP based application allow users to add documents to a web application.  One of the many great things about PHP is that it has an industrial strength document/content transfer module which makes it great for being able to upload information. I also used ABCUpload.NET– an excellent module from these guys.   Very […]

CMS eMail Integration

Posted: 9th August 2010 by davy in C#, Development

A while back a client company I was working for asked me about saving eMails in their CMS system.  MS Exchange is pretty much a CMS in its own right.  If you want to put emails into a CMS then you need some kind of linkage.  Problem is of course email is a backbone of […]

I’m developing an Android based application for a new generation of Android tablets that are about to hit the streets.  This is a picture of one I currently own – it rocks.  The applications that I’m developing are mostly for corporate use – so that business can access central repositories of controlled information.  How many meetings did […]

Java Application – Social Care

Posted: 8th August 2010 by davy in Development, Documentum, Java

I designed and wrote a Java application for a UK government client.  I did all of the initial business analysis and design – produced design specifications. I used Eclipse for this project.  A complex Java application I also did some integration with an Social Care application – CareFirst.  CareFirst is a complex applications that manages social work cases.   […]

Citrix Client Applications

Posted: 7th August 2010 by davy in Citrix SDK, Development

I am actually a Citrix client partner.  I done a huge amount of work on Citrix over the years.  One of my main clients used it extensively so everything that I developed on ran on Citrix – even the web apps. I had a particular issue with Citrix client applications – and I ended up writing some applications that used […]


Posted: 7th August 2010 by davy in Development, Documentum

I wrote this in native Ansi C.  Mostly because its a server application designed to run on a ‘Nix platform.  dmshell was designed to allow Documentum API to be accessed from a Korn, C or Bash shell script.  I was developing  a monitoring solution for Documentum using Big Brother ( When it was Open Source – […]

RSS Gadget

Posted: 7th August 2010 by davy in Development, RSS

If you have Windows 7 or Windows Vista – you’ll know all about Windows gadgets.  These are desktop applications written in Javascript.  I wrote a Desktop Gadget for the EPA – and its part of the MS Gadget Gallery. Check it out here Its a nice environment to write client applications – this is mostly […]