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For years I’ve thought that Documentum is a great middleware application and I know it well. But in recent years its all got very complicated – for good reasons I should add!. WebTop is a very sophisticated product – more of a platform in itsself – making it difficult to deliver small effective applications or make small […]

I’m developing an Android based application for a new generation of Android tablets that are about to hit the streets.  This is a picture of one I currently own – it rocks.  The applications that I’m developing are mostly for corporate use – so that business can access central repositories of controlled information.  How many meetings did […]

MQ Integration with TaskSpace

Posted: 7th August 2010 by davy in In Flight Development

I have an engagement that needs to integrate TaskSpace as a Case Management tool with IBM MQ.  I’ve done the design and chosen Java as the development platform – basically TaskSpace will fire IBM MQ messages to external partner companies as part of a Document review process as part of the Case Management process.   I’ll […]