Disaster Recovery on Solaris

Posted: 7th August 2010 by davy in Development, Disaster Recovery

This was a fairly major application although most of it was Solaris based and consisted of C based utilities and Korsn Shell scripts.  I also heavily utilized RSYNC which is common Unix utility to allow synchronization of file systems between servers.  I implemented this on Solaris 10 and then ported it to AIX 5.3

The main requirement was set up a DR system for a major Unix/Oracle based application for a major Pharma company.  The primary system was based in the UK and tghe DR site was selected in Sweden.   My role was tasked to design and build a fully functional system in Sweden that could be instigated in less that 8 hours and would be able to have no less that 30 minutes data loss.

I decided to use Oracle Dataguard as the database transport platform and for the application I used RSYNC to keep the application data in sync.  The application had a large number of peripheral components on both Windows and Unix platforms so rsync on Windows was implemented to have a consistent platform.

I designed and wrote a number of C based utilities to communicate with a number of applications and to ensure a robust and continuous data stream.  The system integrated with Tivoli Monitoring so that any data loss would be monitored and reported instantly.

The system to 18 Months to implement and was eventually ported to AIX.  Although it was bespoke – the overall cost was a fraction of that of a commercial solution and much simpler to implement because it was designed for the application.

I also utilized Oracle triggers on various tables.  That provided an event based framework to make sure that data that was new or modified was being captured in real time.

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