One of my clients was interested in using SMS and Twitter to notify support staff – globally located.  The company did have an SMS gateway – so I wrote a C#ASP application to provide a web service for errors going to various support people.  Some of those were based in India and America – so SMS works very nicely. Actually it was an excellent example of how SMS notifications are as a good as pagers and that it can make your support infrastructure and process much better.  The support engineer knows about the fault before the user reports it to the helpdesk – the fault is fixed and the user doesnt have to make the call.

As part of that I used the Twitter Web API and set up a number of accounts to allow the support engineers to follow a particular application or class of fault.  So a DBA could follow the DBA errors like table overflows – and the Middleware guys could follow errors on the middleware apps like Citrix.  A great use of social technology for corporates.    Send article as PDF   

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