RSS Gadget

Posted: 7th August 2010 by davy in Development, RSS

If you have Windows 7 or Windows Vista – you’ll know all about Windows gadgets.  These are desktop applications written in Javascript.  I wrote a Desktop Gadget for the EPA – and its part of the MS Gadget Gallery. Check it out here

Its a nice environment to write client applications – this is mostly used by Internal staff to view information that’s been published.  You can use any RSS reader – this just uses standard feeds.  I like the Windows 7 environment better – it allows you to undock the application.

Javascript is my langauage of choice for Browser client applications.  Its exceptionally well designed.  Java applets are fine – but with Javascript you cant go wrong.  I have been looking at PHP of late and its a pretty sophisticated environment – WordPress and Mediawiki are testaments to how easy and widely supported it is.    Send article as PDF   

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