Citrix Client Applications

Posted: 7th August 2010 by davy in Citrix SDK, Development

I am actually a Citrix client partner.  I done a huge amount of work on Citrix over the years.  One of my main clients used it extensively so everything that I developed on ran on Citrix – even the web apps.

I had a particular issue with Citrix client applications – and I ended up writing some applications that used the Citrix SDK.  I wanted to be able to communicate with a desktop application and the calling Citrix server.  I submitted the app to a Citrix application competition.  I modified the work I did to become a server tool that could be called from a GPO or a usrlogin.cmd startup script.  This allowed a Citrix server to know what the launching application was and set up different environments.  Very useful for Virtualising Citrix itself.  The application was all written in standard C and C++ and used MFCOM for its communication.

I ended up writing a number of tools.  I had a particular problem to solve where the Citrix application needed to communicate with a fingerprint recognition device on the users PC.  I used Citrix channels and the VC SDK to communicate between the Citrix app and the local PC.  The fingerprint data is picked up by a small local exe invoked by the virtual channel and then passes it encrypted to the citrix app on the server.

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