Java Application – Social Care

Posted: 8th August 2010 by davy in Development, Documentum, Java

I designed and wrote a Java application for a UK government client.  I did all of the initial business analysis and design – produced design specifications.

I used Eclipse for this project.  A complex Java application I also did some integration with an Social Care application – CareFirst.  CareFirst is a complex applications that manages social work cases.   The main design was that a CMS would hold the documentation – and CareFirst would have the case management workflow.

Documents were from a large variety of sources including emails, handwritten notes, application forms and so on.  Ensuring that the right documents were matched with the correct case was critical and formed a large part of the design.

I do enjoy writing Java applications – the Eclipse environment is robust and allows delivery to both Windows and AIX platforms.  The production application server was on AIX and the development on Windows.

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