I’m developing an Android based application for a new generation of Android tablets that are about to hit the streets.  This is a picture of one I currently own – it rocks.  The applications that I’m developing are mostly for corporate use – so that business can access central repositories of controlled information.  How many meetings did you go to and there were multiple versions of documents in play.  I’ve been working 20 years in information management and these devices finally make central CMS applications very valuable to corporate business.  And they should do away with paper bringing the hope of a paperless environment all the closer – its all good!

As far as iPad is concerned – yes I’ll be getting round to that I would hope.  But for now Android is the way forward.

The iPad Clone running Android

The Android environment is a relatively easy transition for me – I’ve done iPhone development and and load of Java – so Android in the Eclipse environment is good.

For me – what I like about Android is the extensibility.  You can extend your application with other applications – and that makes the whole environment very powerful.   You can create applications from other applications – which I guess is the whole point of Object Orientated programming in the first place.

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