CMS eMail Integration

Posted: 9th August 2010 by davy in C#, Development

A while back a client company I was working for asked me about saving eMails in their CMS system.  MS Exchange is pretty much a CMS in its own right.  If you want to put emails into a CMS then you need some kind of linkage.  Problem is of course email is a backbone of pretty much every business these days – so what do you store and why ?

I came up with a view that said – if the email is relevant to a particular activity – say a project – then you could store these emails with other relevant information.

Incoming emails could be tracked for sure- but outgoing ones ? Which ones to store.

I provided a solution based on a really excellent email processing application – email2db – which allows very sophisticated processing.   It has a VBA type scripting language based on WinWrap.   I implemented the solution by writing a number of integration components using WinWrap.

If you wanted to store an eMail then it’s a case of adding the repository as a mail recipient.  If the company wishes all emails then this can be done at the server end – if a user has the choice then they simply CC the repository they wish to store the document and or attachments.

Simple and straight forward and a great example of how to provide a sophisticated solution using existing components.    Send article as PDF   

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