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Posted: 9th May 2010 by davy in C#, Documentum

This particular development was a pilot project to show how good Mono is.   I was working for a large pharma and Documentum was the key middleware CMS.  The existing application they had was written in VB – Documentum is mostly Java orientated and the company wanted to stick with .NET as a client platform.

The new application written in .NET was also service orientated.  I thought it would be a good to find out if .NET could be leveraged from Solaris – albeit using some of these application services on a Windows platform.

I wrote a Documentum API wrapper in Native C# using managed code marshalling techniques to interface what was fixed DLLs on Windows and static libraries in ELF for AIX and Solaris.   I could then write a C#/VB.NET ( any .NET client ) app – or server processing application and have it run on any platform – like Java but C# using Mono. I was able to write a VB.NET application on Windows and have that run natively on Solaris and AIX.

From my perspective it was fine as I didn’t need to have a complex user interface – but the technique was very successful and showed that Java doesnt have to be a limiting factor on writing multi-platform applications.

I put a small class together –

Its quite straight forward – this is a VS 2005 project. But if you build it as an exe, it will run on Linux and get this – Solaris 10 under Mono.

What you do need to do on the mono side is provide DLL/lib mapping. Modify your web.config file on Solaris to map cygwin1.dll to and dmcl40.dll to – all very simple really.

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