For years I’ve thought that Documentum is a great middleware application and I know it well. But in recent years its all got very complicated – for good reasons I should add!. WebTop is a very sophisticated product – more of a platform in itsself – making it difficult to deliver small effective applications or make small changes.  WDK and WebTop – it can be argued – are good for companies who wish to develop their own content management clients.   For example CSC develop a product called FirstDocs – which is based on WebTop.

But Documenutm xCP changes that.  Its designed to be configurable.  Combined with Documenutm server capability like TBO – then you have an application that is very functional but is also configurable.

I’m working on an upgrade for a client – but this upgrade will be to xCP.  It will be more than an upgrade – it will give the client the same level of functionaly capabilty – but will allow a rapid expansion into other business areas.

I’m implementing TaskSpace as a replacement for the existing WebTop as most of the work WebTop does is task based.    Send article as PDF   

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