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This page details my employment experience. I am currently working at Barclays and also for the Irish Government. Recruiters can use the link at the bottom to send themselves a PDF copy of this page or download a Europass MS Word format from here.

Barclays Bank  Senior Solutions Architect  – VP April 2010 – Present

I have been working on designing and implementing many financial solutions for one of the largest UK banks – Barclays for Corporate, Investment Bank,  Retail and Wealth divisions.

  • Design of solutions for Wealth management, Corporate ( Trade, Asset Finance, Coverage, Risk, Payments) and Retail Portfolios.
  • Design and Build of new java managed file transfer solution 100,00 servers base.
  • Offshoring projects using Citrix
  • Trade management workflow applications design
  • MQ based system for sending SMS messages to Wealth clients for OTP authentication
  • Management of design and project processes
  • Line management – small team
  • Certified MQ Solution designer – cert
  • Certified TOGAF
RS Components – Technical Architect April 2010

I have been helping RS Components add extra value to their large stock of PDF datasheets. I developed some tools to allow PDF files to be opened up and data tagged and categorised to allow them to be displayed on a fully functional wordpress blog site Design and implementation of PoC websites to host reformatted datasheets ( WordPress & MediaWiki )

  • Design of PDF extraction tools based on XPDF
  • Design if tagging and taxonmy tools to extract exiting RS taxonmy with PDF content
UK  Government –  Consultant October 2009 – March 2010

I was engaged by Capita – the IT suppler for Birmingham City Council (BCC) to work on a social care application being written for the BCC social care workers. This application was to store some extremely sensitive information – a real challenge to design an application that would make the information available to social workers -and also very secure.

  • Design and build of social care application integrating SAP and CMS with OLM CareFirst
  • Designed process to migrate sensitive content from unstructured disk to CMS using extracted metadata and content tags
  • AIX based Oracle RDBMS infrastructure design
EPA, Wexford – Solution Architect – 2003 – Present

In 2003 – Xerox had pulled out of Ireland and the EPA were running a Documentum pilot with them. They asked me to do an evaluation of what was there. I did and recommended that they implement Documentum fully. From 2005 onwards all incoming applications to the EPA have been managed by Documentum and published to the EPA public website. The systems uses workflows, RSS to deliver content as part of the Irish FoIA.

  • Design, build and implement a Web Publishing Solution for the capture and management of Waste and IPPC licence applications which meets Irish Government regulations for access to information under Irish Freedom of Information Act
  • The system is primarily designed to place documents onto the EPA’s public websites to allow full public access to the license application process. You can view this freely at:http://www.epa.ie/terminalfour/ippc/index.jsp
  • Design and build of email automation system using integration of email automation application and content management system. EPA users can capture and index email from any source – anywhere.
  • Design of content capture and management system for EPA OEE (Enforcement)
  • Design and implementation of web based integration with waste permit system
  • Design and implementation of disaster recovery system using EMC Networker
  • Migration of content management platform migration from Windows to VMWare virtualised platform with all customisations. Also includes migration of Full Text indexing from Verity to FAST
  • Designed and build of EPA RSS publishing system. Allows any user worldwide to subscribe to EPA document feed on any licence.
  • Wrote and designed Windows Live gadgets and iPhone application for RSS specialized viewing
AstraZeneca UK – Solution Architect – 2003 – August 2009

My experience with large data migrations and implementations in Mclaren and EMC Documentum allowed me to tackle a complex solution required for AstraZeneca (AZ). They needed some help in taking a large global corporate drug submission system and centralizing it – infrastructure, applications and data. When this was completed I was asked to take on a role as an architect – which I did and got involved in many different projects.

  • Lead solution infrastructure architect for design and planning and implementation of AZ Global Electronic Library (GEL) Documentum system, arguably the World’s largest Content Management project (Documentum).
  • Lead infrastructure architect for AZ Disaster Recovery implementation project. Responsible for the strategic development of zero data loss DR system – first of its kind in AZ based on Solaris and Oracle.
  • EDM core data migration lead for “lift-and-shift” of large Documentum application from UK to Sweden and USA.
  • Designed and implemented intermediate migration processes using Documentum Distributed Architecture to allow minimal business disruption during migration.
  • Designed and Implemented various virtualization solutions based on VMWare for Development and Production systems.
  • Designed Web based application for fast and secure search on corporate document access.
  • Architect for design of Full Text Indexing system based on AIX Designed and managed Security Auditing System implementation for Documentum based Content Management and Publishing Applications
  • GDD IS Strategic responsibility for AIX and Citrix Reference Architecture.
  • Development of Reference Architecture allowing AZ projects to select large scale Unix and RDBMS components for applications.
  • Architect and lead implementation manager for major upgrade CMS, Oracle10g, Content 4Tb Content – 100 Million Records – migration from USA to Sweden and UK.
  • GDD IS specialist for Unix based applications – NONMEM – Non Linear Modeling application running on High Performance 100 node Linux cluster.
  • Migration consultant on AZ internal major content management consolidation project. Provided application interface design to allow existing AZ EDM systems to migrate to intermediate format using XML.
Daon Systems Dublin – Architect and Developer – Jan 2002 – July 2002

This was a very interesting and challenging engagement. I designed a Documentum integration for Daon. Their main product was a biometric engine- Daon are now one of the most successful companies in their field of biometric authentication.

  • Provided strategic guidance and design documents and project plans to Daon
  • Design and build of a C++ connector to Biometric identity servers using fingerprint and other biometric related technologies.
  • Design and build for connector to web applications – mostly EDMS using Biometrics rather than passwords. Also providing full digital signature capability.
UK Government – Architect and Developer – Oct 2001 – Dec 2001

I was engaged by EMC to complete a complex project with an aggressive timescale. To implement Documentum Web Publisher for the CSA in just 3 Months.

  • Designed and implemented project for DWP to determine nature of content management impact on DWP Project sized for 2000 Web Publisher authors, 130,000 Users based on Unix platform
  • Built Prototype Web Publishing server built to demonstrate WP concepts on copy of live site, 20,000 documents loaded.
  • Project delivered ahead of schedule and in budget.


Experience More than 10 Years Ago

EDM Consutlant France Telecom May 2000 – Oct 2001

Technology consultant and strategist for Mobistar, Mobile Phone operator Belgium. First major technology implementation of Documentum CMS for CRM solution.

  • Design lead on rollout of Unix platform (Solaris) based content management system in Customer Services Division – 800 seats, 2+ Million Documents.
  • Workflow, Web, Application design, Business engineering
  • Selected to speak at DEPUG (Documentum User Conference Europe) 2001 on Mobistar project – DCTM Workflow in the CRM environment
  • Leading a team of five Consultants to design and implement content management applications. Working to pull together business requirements and technical design in a dynamic and challenging environment.
Senior Consultant – Documentum 1999 – 2001

Technical PM and Consultant for a wide range of industry Documentum projects., Ford, France Telecom, KBC (Belgium), BP Amoco, Aramco Finance Project design for BP Chemicals site, Hull, 1200 users Ford Motor Co.

  • Project Manager for marketing department project using Documentum in UK and USA. 200 users
  • France Telecom, led a team to implement a pilot for Documentum in the Call Centre.
  • Project Leader for investment bank project to implement Documentum and integration with banking applications
Documentum Principal Consultant – McLaren Software 1997 – 1999

Founder member with full commercial and strategic lead for 15 Business Project Managers and all projects in the UK and Germany Implemented PRINCE2 Project Methodology for McLaren – passing audits from the UK Ministry of Defence and 3 major pharmaceutical companies.

  • Project/Programme Manager on Unix based content management Projects +1M GBP
  • Project and Programme Managed large successful Documentum projects for Anadarko Oil, BP Exploration, Thames Water, Dolphin Telecom, Compaq, Hoffman La Roche, SAGA, BHP, British Aerospace
  • Technical Consultant to Blue Chips on all aspects of information management Specialising in Unix design and implementation planning – Imaging, Networking Design and large scale
  • Data Migration projects: worked on included integrating Documentum to Intergraph AIM.
  • Various application outsourcing processes and operations – Understand the requirements for outsourcing and the ongoing operation requirements
  • Budgeting planning and financial control – Responsible for £500,000 pa consulting revenue stream McLaren Business sold to HBOS Venture for $40 Million 2000

Group Leader – SAIC 1997 – 1999

  • Group leader and PM for a wide variety of strategic projects for BP Exploration and Production
  • Developed Business Applications portfolio for BP Exploration: imaging, HR, Maintenance/Purchasing Financial, SAP, Taxation.
  • Project Manager for NT/95 Applications Roll-out to BPX 250 Technical Users Data-warehousing Applications design and development including ROLAP Data Processing Technology
  • Directly line managing over 30 staff supporting Business Applications for BP Exploration and Elf Exploration. Control Budget $1M, Departmental Revenue: £1.7M Year 2000 Project Consultant for BP Oil Germany/Benelux
Intelliscan – 1991 – 1993

Leading small team designing high-end’ Unix based image processing applications for world-wide client base including Southern Electric, General Motors, Kvaerner SC Edison and ARAMCO.

  • Designed, Project Managed and Implemented large scale data capture application (88000 A0 Maps) for Southern Electric using Artificial Intelligence processing and ultra fast image viewers
  • Designed and implemented high speed NT server for high volume image transfers
  • Project Manager to port UNIX based Grayscale Image Processing application from Unix to NT using Open/GL Developer and Consultant –
Practical Technology 1984 – 1991

Senior Software Developer working on world class CAD/CAM software – DAXCAD

  • Developed GUI interfaces, data interfaces DXF, IGES, PathTrace
  • Consulting working with Blue Chips, Kvaerner, Wood Group, Brown & Root, GDC. on Systems Integration.
  • UNIX systems Designer, Roll-out planning UNIX/Novel Network Design Planning and Implementation for John Brown Engineering. Document Management Application Design, Documentum, DataMAN, Cimage Oil & Gas Exploration
  • Agile ApplicationsDesign and development using VB, MSVC++
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